An awful lot of work goes into interior design, and this can be off-putting for many when attempting to create different looks for the first time. However, there are plenty of ideas out there to help you change parts of your home’s appearance or even all of it.

If you are planning to sell your home shortly then you should be very careful about the change you make. Putting your stamp on a home is perfect when living there, but it can make it difficult for buyers to envision themselves taking your place.

Below are nine steps that can be taken on their own, combined with others, or used in their entirety to create something unique, or at least slightly different from the norm.

1 First declutter the home

Unfortunately, this boring step is necessary before you can get on with the more interesting parts of designing your rooms’ new looks. You need to have a purge and remove all unnecessary clutter, ornaments, pictures, and even furniture in some cases.

You may need to remove wallpaper, carpeting, and other elements of your current decor to create what is essentially a blank canvas. Decor Fácil has some interesting interior design ideas which can help you visualize what you can achieve later on.

2 Begin with neutral colors

Start off using neutral colors on walls. This will give you a backdrop for when you start adding color, accents, and other items to decorate your rooms. 

3 Add colored designs to the walls

Color can be used in so many ways to change the entire appearance of a room. Accents can add luxury to a bedroom, or any other room for that matter. Artwork can be used, or paint can be added to achieve some very creative effects.

Instead of using wallpaper, you can paint patterns directly onto a wall. You don’t need to use every wall either. You can create an accent wall by adding solid color to just one wall in a room. Alternatively, create a piece of art on a bedroom wall to give a more modern take on the headboard, or above and behind a sofa.

Ceilings are not untouchable either. Geometric patterns or bold one-color freestyle art on ceilings will create more than just a talking point; certain geometric designs can make rooms seem longer.

4 Bring in a local artist

If creating bold or unique patterns seems daunting then consider using a talented local artist to create a piece. A one-off bold design on your wall will create a focal point, and even graffiti could be used if carefully thought out.

One point to be made is that you need to consider what type of look you are going for, and the overall design of your home. Some bold pieces such as graffiti art might look wholly out of place in certain types of homes. But, it’s your home so you are free to experiment. 

5 Install a skylight in the attic and create an extra bedroom

This is a much bigger job than just painting a few walls, but there are rewards to be had. The average cost of converting an attic is around $20,000 which is not inconsiderable. But, you could put 20% on the value of your home.

The average house price in the US is around $350,000 so potentially the best scenario is that you see a $70,000 return on your outlay.

Putting in a skylight will help to flood the room with light, and you can apply your own personal touches as you do with the rest of your home.

6 Use lighting to create a unique ambiance throughout the home

Smart lighting is very popular now, so not exactly unique, but you can program certain types to cycle through different shades and colors. You can select one program for one room, a different one for a hallway, and another for elsewhere in the home.

Smart devices such as Alexa can be used to control the lighting, and there are indoor and outdoor options available. One of the advantages of using LED lights is that they are energy efficient and have a long life. This helps to reduce electricity use and make the home a little more environmentally friendly.

7 Bring in objects that you love

Don’t decorate your property just to impress others, remember this is your home. When choosing pieces to go in the home choose ones that you genuinely love or that mean something to you. Just avoid clutter or you’ll be back at step 1 in no time.

8 Create a focal point or installation

It is not just galleries that can have art installations. If you have the right space you can make a serious focal point with a big or striking statement.

9 Open up your home

If you are into serious renovations and have the budget to spend, then you could look at having an open floor plan. As Money explains, connected living is now one of the top home trends. The only thing to be wary of here is trends come and go, and your open-plan ground floor may not be to everyone’s taste.

An open plan though can allow your smart lighting to create movement and flow. And your artwork; graffiti, patterns, or whatever design you choose can spread organically throughout the floor. 


Ultimately, how you decorate your home can only come down to your tastes, or those of any designer you hire. You don’t need to use unique ideas to create a beautiful home, but you do need to make sure you are actually making a home and not a display.

Your plan should be to create something that is stunning yet welcoming. Striking but still comfortable. Just remember, if you go too far out there you may have to take it all back to basics when it comes to selling.