CelebHomes: What is the story of your partnership with Lilias? 
Lilias active has been my favorite brand. They have great quality and fit well. I literally live in their pieces! They are perfect for running errands and exercising, as well as being a great choice to wear around my house. It all just happened naturally.

CelebHomes. Where were you inspired to create the color and silhouettes used in your collection?

CR:It was easy to find what I naturally love! My favorite pieces were clean and straightforward with little fun. The pieces are simple in style and logo, with a splash of color added to the clothes.

It was important to me that the clothes could be mixed and matched. I believe it is always fun to create your own style. Every piece has amazing quality. This was another important aspect. It can be worn comfortably or paired with an outfit that you want to wear out. Also, I wanted the pieces to appeal to many different types of people. I hope that everyone enjoys them.