Kitchen remodels are the second most common home upgrade that costs an average of $60,000. Choosing the right design for your budget is essential to make sure your remodel only happens once.

A sure way to get the look you want is to choose classic shaker style kitchen cabinets as the highlight of your design.

Read on to find out eight reasons why shaker cabinets are right for your new kitchen.

What Are Shaker Cabinets?

A shaker cabinet is defined by its clean lines and small sunken center-panel. They are also known to use natural wood and simplistic hardware.

Many of their characteristics make them a reliable option for homeowners ready to remodel their kitchen. They can go with any desired design, from country-style farmhouse to upscale condo.

Benefits of Shaker Cabinets

Since shaker cabinets are so simplistic, you may wonder why so many people choose them when remodeling their kitchen. You might also ask how do they fit any style if they lack modern design?

Read on to find out how simplicity and design versatility are just the beginning of the benefits of shaker cabinets.

1. Durable

Shaker kitchen cabinets have been around since the 1700s when master craftsmen from England called the “shakers” began production in the United States. They used local high-quality, solid wood like oak, cherry, maple, and hickory.

The simple craftsman style creates a sturdy frame of straight lines. The natural finish also preserves the original color of the wood, making it last for ages.

2. Versatile Design

Their design isn’t just sturdy, they are also made to be versatile. The simplistic design makes them perfect for both a traditional and modern kitchen.

Hardware is basic to offer clean lines combined with many color and finishing options. Choose white shaker kitchen cabinets with small silver bar hardware for a sleek contemporary approach to design.

An antique look can also be accomplished as the slightly recessed center panel makes the cabinet look traditional. Add a distressed paint job to them for a country ambiance in your kitchen.

3. Easy to Maintain

Its single-center groove can be easily wiped down with a damp cloth to remove dust and food remnants. The rest of the cabinet is flat and simple to dust with a cotton cloth.

Other kitchen cabinets include intricate designs the make cleaning a hassle and sometimes impossible. Grease can become trapped in the corners, which makes it difficult to clean.

Shaker cabinets also don’t need touch-ups of paint or finishes. The natural wood acts as a preserve to keep your design strong from day one.

4. Eco-friendly

The construction is eco-friendly with locally sourced wood that uses a minimal amount of materials. So, you don’t have to worry about over-farming trees to make your cabinets or outsourcing materials that require transportation.

If you don’t want to use paint or stains to limit the use of chemicals then you don’t have to. Shaker cabinets look great with their natural wood finish and never fade in appeal.

5. Accessible

Shaker cabinets kitchen designs are one of the most popular styles for kitchen remodels. So, you won’t have trouble finding them in many different colors and finishes. This saves you from having to adjust the cabinets to match your kitchen.

You can find shaker cabinets in all sizes as well. Choose the perfect fit, from tall pantry cabinets to small drawers for small gallery kitchens.

Browse online to find the right style shaker cabinet so that you can envision it in your kitchen. You can even play with the layout of your remodel since shaker cabinets are so easy to customize.

6. Affordable

You will notice that shaker cabinets are relatively inexpensive since they use local materials and minimal construction. Designer cabinets can break your budget as they charge for name branding and particular styling.

You can get the same quality and appealing design with the versatility of shaker cabinets for a quarter of the price. This will allow you to make other upgrades in your kitchen like a new range, dishwasher, or an island.

7. Easy Installation

Contractors are used to installing shaker cabinets because of their popularity and universal design. This will also save you money and the hassle of hiring a specialist to install a complex cabinetry style.

Their straight edge construction and customized available sizes make adjusting and installing easy as well.

The long-lasting natural or painted colors won’t require any additional removal and installation to change your design.

If you do decide to change the color or finish, removing the cabinet is simple. So, you could do this on your own if you are comfortable.

8. Timeless Look

The best part about styles like white shaker cabinets kitchen makeovers is their compatibility with current trends. They never go out of style, so you can use them for decades.

Update your appliances and countertops around your cabinets to make it more modern. Or you can also change the color or finish on the cabinets if you desire a change.

What you won’t have to do is change the cabinets themselves. As you can see from this list, shaker cabinets can last a lifetime because of their timeless appeal and durable construction.

Choosing The Right Shaker Style Kitchen Cabinets

With so many design possibilities it might be hard to decide on the right shaker style kitchen cabinets. Looking at examples of kitchen models online can help you imagine the kitchen of your dreams.

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