We can all soak in a little inspiration from time to time. One of the best ways to be inspired is by looking into how successful people are living. 

The rich and famous leave clues about their success, and finding out about their luxury homes can be motivating. Specifically, learning a little bit about some elegant wall options that you just don’t see in regular homes can help you stretch your imagination. 

Read below to learn more about these homes of the rich and famous, and how they have made use of different types of walls. 

1. Mark Zuckerberg’s Walls of Stone

Look no further than the creator of Facebook if you want to see how the rich and famous are living. 

Mark Zuckerberg’s walls are unique before you even get inside the house. His Hawaiin house is surrounded by walls of stone. This stone wall is 6-feet high and provides some seclusion to his compound, which includes several acres of land and a farm where herbs are grown. 

2. Armani’s Walls Strongly Match and Complement the Snow

Giorgio Armani makes elegant use of walls with his Switzerland vacation home. 

It features a stunning an amazing sgraffito wall that is a shade that beautifully matches the scenic winter views outside. The wall space features subtle complexities that make the home look and feel like a work of art. 

3. Master P’s Gold Ceilings

Rapper and CEO Master P is an example of the American dream. He elevated his mind to have the confidence to put out an insane amount of music of his own and of other artists, through his independent label imprint No Limit Records. 

He’s also made it big in TV and film, which is why it’s no surprise his sprawling Baton Rouge, Louisiana home is a thing that dreams are made of. 

It features everything you could want in a mansion, but the gold ceilings in the house take the cake. 

Master P has gone on record saying that by being able to look up and see gold ceilings every day, it reminded him that anything is possible. 

4. Marble Walls in Rick Ross’ Mansion

Entrepreneur and rapper Rick Ross bought boxer Evander Holyfield’s Georgia estate and has only continuously added to and upgraded the lavish property. 

Ross raps about the elegant and luxurious life in his music and detailed his journey in his memoir — and if the house is any indication, he’s telling the truth in his art. 

The mansion features stunning marble walls throughout, which make you feel like you are walking through one of the most elegant hotels or palaces in the world. 

5. Will and Jada’s Expansive Kitchen Walls

The walls in Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith’s home are expressions in artistry and functionality. 

For instance, the kitchen walls make use of lots of vertical space, which lets them prepare dinner and organize items with no problem. At the same time, it features an artsy flair that also expands the flow and energy of the living space. 

6. The Many Walls in Oprah’s Kingdom

When you are in Oprah’s home, it’s more like you’re entering a castle than a house. 

The border of the property is protected by a castle-like brick wall that is beautifully crafted. Inside of the home, her walls are filled with vibrant, warm and inviting colors that are accented by the abundance of natural lighting that pours through her windows. 

7. Tech Chic at the Home of Bill Gates

Bill Gates changed the way we use computers forever, and all indications point toward the fact that his mind works much like a computer. His home is an example of this. 

Every facet of Gates’ house has a purpose and is largely functional. So his use of walls made of steel, glass, and stone should be no surprise. His home has a high-tech design to is, and each and every material used is a valuable complementary piece. 

There are pros and cons of vinyl fencing, metal walls and any other material you use, and Gates serves as an example of someone who is considerate of how he builds and repairs his house.

8. French Modern Elegance at the Money Crib

Floyd Mayweather’s $25 million Beverly Hills home exemplifies a mix of sophistication and style that can only be appreciated by someone who has been all over the world. 

You can look no further than the wall choices for an example of this. The walls throughout his household are made with some of the finest materials and include French modern elegance that is artful and well-thought-out. 

Get Inspired By These Homes of the Rich and Famous

Don’t just read up on these points of information related to the homes of the rich and famous — allow yourself to get inspired by it. 

Getting your goals starts in the mind, so you need to have a vision for what you want before you can achieve it.

When you look at the houses that these celebrities purchased, it is clear that a lot of thought and energy went into every last detail. They worked with builders and interior designers who could bring their visions to life in the best and most impactful way possible. 

As you research these homes, make sure that you are always taking the steps toward making your artistic visions and aspirations come true. These examples can be the launching pad of something special for you. 

Keep checking back for more info on celebrity homes.