A living room or bedroom renovation project can cost between $1,500 and $5,500. Before you give your living room the makeover it deserves, it helps to have a plan.

After all, your living room is where you spend the most time together as a family. By updating your home with modern living room decor, you can transform your space. It’s time to make your living room cozier and more attractive than ever before!

Creating a good strategy for updating your living room can be simple. Asking yourself a few basic questions can help make your decorating plan more effective. For example, if you are buying new furniture, can you wait until the next big sale? Keeping an eye on online furniture stores can help ensure you have enough budget left for painting, décor, and maybe even refinishing those floors! 

Need some help? Here are seven modern design tips that can help you discover the living room you’ve always dreamed of. 

Start redesigning with these seven easy tips!

1. Get Rid of the Clutter

Americans spend about $18,000 on nonessential goods every year. Instead of letting all that clutter ruin your decor, get rid of it! One of the fastest, easiest ways to improve a room is to declutter.

Look at each individual item in your living room. Does it fit the overall decor? Does it spark a memory or help you feel at home?

If not, consider moving it to another room or getting rid of it altogether.

You don’t have to throw everything away. Instead, think of creative ways to make it work within the room. For example, consider adding new shelves or bookcases. Then, add a few small tokens to each shelf.

Decluttering can help you reevaluate your living room space. Once you get rid of the unnecessary items, you can use the rest of these tips to make even bigger updates. 

2. Add an Accent

A fresh coat of paint can completely redefine your living room. Once you choose your colors, consider leaving one wall apart from the rest. An accent wall can add more depth to the room. If you’re on a budget, consider prioritizing an accent wall instead of painting the entire room.

For the accent wall, try to choose a color that’s bold and outrageous. You might consider using wallpaper for your accent wall, too. Either way, choosing one wall that stands out from the rest will let your personality shine through!

Once your accent wall is done, take a look around the room. What other small changes can you make for a big impact?

To start, consider swapping out your pillows. Choose a fabric that complements your accent wall. Otherwise, consider a new couch.

Adding Italian designer furniture to your living room can give it a modern look while adding comfort.

Otherwise, color coordinating the room with pops of color here and there can bring the entire decor together. 

For example, if the room is painted white with an accent wall that features blue, add a blue blanket or pillow to the couch. Try experimenting with different textures and fabrics while you’re at it. 

As you use these modern design tips, don’t forget to consider how the room looks as a whole. 

3. Let the Light In

Is your living room looking dark or stuffy? Let the light shine through! One of the best ways to improve your living room space is to incorporate natural light.

Natural light can help make a small living room look larger. It can also help make the room appear inviting. In fact, natural light even benefits your health.

First, consider getting rid of your curtains. Try to move your furniture away from the windows as well. That way, the light can stream in without obstruction. 

You can also make a small living room look larger by placing a mirror against the wall opposite your windows.

Next, switch to lower watt lightbulbs. You can also use dimmers to ease harsh light within the room. 

If there are darker spaces within your living room the light doesn’t reach, add a few lamps to keep the room aglow!

4. Hang It Up

As we mentioned above, adding mirrors to your modern living room decor can make a room seem larger. Before you choose a mirror, however, make sure to explore different shapes and sizes. You want to find one that best fits the space and reflects light. 

In order to utilize modern design, consider switching the art on your walls, too. Make sure the art fits the room’s color scheme. This is another chance to add that accent color into the room.

Look for art that coordinates with your furniture and walls. Choosing the right art can help the room feel more personal. 

5. Rearrange the Furniture

How you arrange your furniture can also help your living room look modern. 

First, make sure it’s easy for people to have conversations in your living room. If you want to maximize your space, consider placing a sorta diagonally against a corner wall. Then, use the space behind it for storage and place a shelf on each side.

Add a little life to your living room, too! Adding plants can help oxygenate the air, which will make your home feel more comfortable. There are so many different plants you can choose from that will match your living room’s personality.

Are you forgetful when it comes to watering plants? In that case, consider a cactus or succulent.

If your living room needs a splash of color, plants are a great way to add green to a bland-looking room.

6. Play With Patterns

Once you rearrange the furniture, you might realize it’s time for new carpets. Carpets are a great way to add patterns and texture to your living room. They can also add a visual break against the floor.

Make sure the area rug isn’t too small. Otherwise, it might make the room look unbalanced. 

Try playing with different colors, patterns, and textures to modernize the look of your living room. 

7. Create a New Space

If you have a large enough living room, consider breaking it apart into smaller spaces. For example, you can use a large shelf to create a book nook in one corner of the room. 

Creating smaller pockets of space will help you utilize your living room while keeping it modern. 

Transform Your Space: 7 Modern Living Room Decor Tips

It’s time to transform your living room! With these seven modern living room decor tips, you can refresh your space with a brand new look. Start redesigning with these seven easy tips today!

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  1. Thanks for the tip that Italian furniture usually evokes comfort while also feeling very modern. I’ve been thinking about sprucing up my living room because I realized that I’ve always been entertaining my guests at the dining table because there isn’t much going on in my living room except for a couch and a boring coffee table. Perhaps buying some new lamps would spice up the space really nicely.

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