Boulder is a great place to live and one of the fastest growing cities in the west because of the access to a quality of life and recreation options. The combination of weather, environment, public services, small town living, and a busy, thriving city space make it ideal for people in all stages of life.

There is so much culture in Colorado in general, but you really see what small town, big city, life is in the mountains when you stay in a town like Boulder. Most people move here for the outdoor lifestyle options, because Boulder is close to everything and you do not have to go far to enjoy the outdoors. Others love that there are so many opportunities in the city but you still feel like you are living in a small town where everyone knows their neighbors.

No matter what your reasons are for moving to Boulder, you are guaranteed to be able to build a great life. These are a few of the things you should know before moving to Boulder.

The Cost of Living is Higher

With the higher quality of life that Boulder is known for comes a higher cost of living. Everything from property values to taxes to professional services to food is going to cost slightly more in this area of the country. This higher cost of living is something that residents are comfortable with given that it comes with what they feel is a better way of life for themselves and their families.

There is a College Town Vibe

If you’ve never lived in a college town before, you are in for a fun surprise. Small college towns are interesting because of the diversity in both population and lifestyle that they bring. During the school year, expect a large, busy city filled with young people and plenty of activities and festivals meant to entertain them and the locals. Everything from concerts to world class conferences to festivals come through town.

Boulder is Public Transit Friendly

You wouldn’t expect a town like Boulder to be named public transit friendly, but the student and tourist population has led to a super effective and user friendly public transport system. In fact, if you have to, you don’t even need a car to get around the city and suburbs themselves. Driving up into recreational areas and the mountains that surround the city will require your own transportation though, but otherwise, you can look forward to going car free here if that is something you are interested in.

It is Startup and Small Business Friendly

Boulder is business friendly, especially to start ups and small businesses. So many successful national brands and businesses launched in Boulder, and new ventures pop up every day. The people in town are supportive of these businesses as well and willing to give the new companies a try.

There is an Emphasis on Healthy Living

Due in huge part to the location, the people that call Boulder home place a huge emphasis on healthy living, in all areas of life. From healthy eating to outdoor recreation to the brands and products they purchase, the locals are obsessed with finding a better way to live. You will notice this emphasis around town, and in the types of activities offered, as well as over time as you get to know people and observe their lifestyle choices.

This is a Foodie City

Because of the focus on healthy living, the young and diverse college demographic, and small business support, Boulder has made a name for itself as a foodie city. In fact, many travel publications list Boulder as one of the leading towns in the west for foodies to visit because of the innovation and constant cycle of new dishes, menus, and restaurants produced here. For non-foodies, there is the chance to get adventurous with food or just the excitement of having something new and different to try when the mood strikes.