Everybody has a set of essential products they cannot live without. Five products are here to solve your everyday problems in a creative way.

1. Bananagrams     

Bananagrams can be played anywhere. The game is very easy to master. All you need to do to win is to make words using the letters you see. This product contains everything that you will need in a compact box. It also has a handle so it can be carried easily. You don’t need to keep track of any complicated directions or materials. The box is easy to open and you can start using it immediately. This is the best part of products such as these. They’re easy and quick to use, which makes them great for sharing at social events.

2. iRobot roomba                  

The iRobot Roomba can be set up to vacuum your house at certain times each day. The iRobot Roomba is a great product for busy people who need their home to be clean before returning from school or work every day. This product’s unique ability to adapt itself over time is another great feature. It learns the dimensions of your home and decides where each item should be placed instead of randomly cleaning like other products. It will not vacuum in the exact same spot twice, or clean up stairs that are too steep. iRobot Roombas can be set up to operate in any space.

3. Nix Sensor

The Nix Sensor is truly something that you must see in order to understand. This device adds a new dimension to the perception of products that can detect color. Just hold the device up to an object, and then press a button. On the display screen, you can see how dark or bright your item is. The Nix can be used for many purposes, including choosing colors or matching fabric to existing furniture and clothes. The color sensor is able to replace any of your existing products that identify color. This can be extremely useful if you forget what color something is. 

4. Kitchen Safe     

It is unique because the Kitchen Safe helps to prevent you having problems when shopping online for groceries. Products like avocados or bananas, for example, are delicate and easily smashed into a container during transportation. The solution is Kitchen Safe, which is basically a safe that you can keep in your home. When you order groceries online, all you need to do is place your items in the safe and keep it closed for at least three hours. Products like avocados and bananas won’t spoil until they’re eaten.

4.  Boon Lawn Drying Rack                     

Boon Lawn’s drying rack makes it easy to keep track of your baby’s products. It is not necessary that you use too many products or are difficult to use. The product drains water from baby bottles after cleaning them. This keeps them fresh and saves you time and money. Because they don’t touch any air, the product will never become old.

These products are easy to use, reliable, and flexible. They solve daily problems. You can make your life easier by choosing products that are easy to use in every space and won’t hinder you from replacing them later.