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Why is the name changing so controversial?

Special event: The show’s premiere five episodes from season 6 are included in a group of special events. Social media accounts of the show as well as its creators have been rebranded. Rivervale. Jughead, who can be heard in the trailer saying, “That’s just the way things work in Rivervale,” is in agreement with Jughead.

Is the first part of season six an alternate reality? Perhaps it is due to the curse Cheryl placed on Cheryl at the close of season five. Hopefully we uncover the truth in the new episodes.

Is it possible that Betty and Archie survived Hiram’s bombing attack?

Season 5 ended with Betty loving Archie and ready for their next chapter. But, before Betty could end their relationship, Barchie discovered a bomb about to explode. Season six’s trailer features Betty and Archie still together…and eager to have a child. It’s hard to believe that the couple managed to escape such a dire situation. Archie, Betty, and Betty have the athleticism to overcome a bomb. However, we’re not sure.