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This is the best job that I could ever have hoped for. CelebHomes’ shopping editor gives me the opportunity to share my favorite beauty products with you. My job is to try out products and give my opinion.

Plus, my co-workers are experts. My coworkers’ clear, glowing skin is something I notice on video calls. Have I’d love to know what their favorite lipstick shade is. If someone wears a new lipstick shade, it’s a good opportunity to ask them. It’s an instant “add to my cart” moment when I hear that one of the ladies has been wearing this lipstick for years.

CelebHomes personnel understand how important beauty products are Far From the surface. You feel better if you are looking good. You can do so much more.  It is possible to I Not required I wanted to get to know my coworkers’ beauty tips and, thankfully they were willing to share their top hair and makeup products. We try out a lot There are many products on the market, so it is worth looking at any that have made it to this list.