They shared surveillance video footage and claimed that drug crew members sold drugs. Boardwalk Empire actor heroin which was laced with fentanyl around Sept. 5, 2021, which ultimately led to his death.   

The U.S. Attorney said in a press statement, “This is a public health crisis. This must be stopped. Opioids like heroin and fentanyl are deadly. They don’t care if you’re a person or have done anything. They feed addiction and can lead to disaster.” 

He added, “The Southern District of New York and our law enforcement partners will not give up. We’ll use every resource at our disposal. The dealers that push poison, abuse addiction and cause unnecessary death will be held accountable.”  

Prior to his death, Williams was open about his struggles with addiction, which began when he was a teenager. He was an author. New York Times interview in 2017, he shared that most of the money that he had earned from his time on The Wire he spent money on drugs.  

The actor stated that addiction doesn’t disappear. It’s a daily struggle for me but it’s something I fight every day.” 

The defendants currently are in custody. CelebHomes News was unable to reach the defendants for comment as no information about their lawyers was available.