It’s no secret that Southwest Florida is one of the most attractive places to live in the United States. With its ever-so-popular beaches, rich lifestyle, classy restaurants, shopping, and booming local economy there’s nothing that the area sells short. The city of Naples is nestled in the middle of this lush land. Many have called it the “paradise of the super-rich”.

Millionaires and billionaires alike have chosen to invest early in the opportunities that the city offers. Shahid Khan, who is Florida’s richest man and Arthrex Reinhold Schmieding CEO, has set up businesses here and also invested in the real estate.

We will examine the reasons why this place is so attractive to prominent buyers today.

High Job and Business Opportunities

Naples has continued to be a top performer on the growth chart for market share over the past several years. There are many high-potential positions on the market and the employment rate is lower than that of the US average.

The recent increase in the Naples Real EstateThe market is booming with business opportunities. Arthrex, ASG Technologies and Collier County Public Schools have established offices in the city, offering highly-paying employment opportunities.

These are the top-recreational spots

Naples’ residents have the opportunity to experience warm, mild weather throughout the year. This opens up the possibility for a wide range of recreation activities. Activities like fishing, boating, and swimming are popular among the residents who take the time to enjoy the city’s beautiful weather.

Naples’ white-sand beaches are renowned for their turquoise water and stunning views. This is a great place for relaxation. After a long day, you can relax with a refreshing swim or sand-boarding.

You are sure to find the perfect golfing spot if you’re a fan. There are many places to play golf in the city, including around 80 championship courses. This is great for both new and seasoned players.

There are many parks available for residents. Residents enjoy the community’s vibrancy and the many aquatic parks, which offer outdoor recreation that eliminates long commutes.

Awarded-winning dining experience

The high quality lifestyle in Naples and its posh restaurants is one of the reasons celebrities and high-profile buyers are drawn to it. You can find authentic cuisines in the city, which showcases many different cultures.

You will be delighted whether you’re looking for relaxing seaside dining or romantic evenings at a fine restaurant. Many cuisines are available to residents, including Greek, French, Italian, and Parisian. 


For anyone who values a vibrant, prosperous community like Naples Florida it is heaven. It is a city that continues to evolve in every aspect and provides one of the most desirable places for education and business.

Naples still has a lot to offer and is yet to realize its potential. Many are taking advantage the opportunity to invest or move to the city. Now is the right time to invest or move into Naples’ real estate.