Police released a statement saying that the West Bureau Homicide Detectives had responded to the case and are continuing their investigation. According to the LAPD, there may have been other victims within the community that were drugged by any of the men.

Pierce is currently being held under $1million bail. Ansbach and Osborn have each been given a $100,000 bond. CelebHomes News is unable and unwilling to comment on whether the men have sought legal representation.

A GoFundMe campaign—which list Giles’ husband, Jan Cilliers, as its beneficiary—was created last month to raise money for funeral expenses, as well as “other costs are incurred in the pursuit of justice for the death of Christy,” according to the page’s description.

Giles’ mother, Dusty Leslie GilesPrevious stories The Independent that her daughter had texted Cabrales-Arzola on Nov. 13 with a message suggesting that they should take an Uber home.

“My daughter texted Hilda ‘let’s get out of here’ with a big wide eyed emoji—like I am scared, we need to leave. Hilda agreed and said ‘I’m getting an Uber,'” she said. “We are certain that Hilda placed an Uber order, and we also know that an Uber was delivered within 5-10 minutes.” 

She continued, “The Uber was waiting. Uber left.”