You have worked hard to establish yourself and your career. Now it is time to give yourself and your family what you deserve – a luxury home you can be proud of. One feature that is becoming increasingly important to those of means is an elegant and functional home office. Many searching for such houses require an office space where they can manage things from home. Here you will find details on three trends in today’s home office that high-end clients are craving.

Modern – Clean and Spare

If cleanliness and order are the hallmark, a minimalist approach may be what you are looking for. Such a room allows for a broad expanse of wall space, which can accommodate a single large art piece or a collectible hanging rug. Hardwood or natural stone flooring further enhances the spare feeling of these high end home offices and allows for free movement of furnishings. Look for bookcases with blunt edges and avoid a lot of filigree millwork and trim.

Further enhance the feeling of spaciousness by keeping the décor to a tasteful minimum as well. This is not the style to load up with baskets, throws and tchotchkes, but rather to keep clutter tucked away and maintain a neat and orderly room. A monochromatic color scheme can also help create a feeling of organization and productivity.

Elegant – Bright and Light

A bank of large windows provides a prime opportunity to show off a fabulous view to its best advantage. Some of the Hampton Bay homes may feature a window wall in the office, providing a refreshing way to bring the outdoors in and offering a break in a mundane workday. Look for light-colored woods and can lighting in the ceilings. Reflectivity creates a sense of brightness. Illuminated glass shelving makes for a great display space and brings additional light into the room. Glass doors separating the office from the rest of the home also add a bit of brightness.

Add a touch of glam with shiny metal surfaces such as brushed nickel or you may choose to indulge in the resurgence of popular bright gold finishes. Bring in a large metal framed mirror to reflect light to a dim corner or wall. Add in a couple of large potted trees, and a blooming desktop plant for an elegant contrast and to breathe life into what could be a cold-looking room.

Traditional – Warm and Woodsy

This style is reminiscent of the classic men’s library, but with updated finishes and details. Hardwood floors may be stained in tones of grey, beige or other lighter neutrals or in traditional warm colors. Wood-paneled walls may be finished with colored stains, rather than the darker colors you may expect. Coffered ceilings trimmed out in beams or panels are also on point.

Imagine tailored wooden floor-to-ceiling shelving filled with your favorite book collection, a traditional oriental or Aubusson rug quieting the room and a large wooden desk serving as your base. This might be the type of room where shelving can display not only the necessary books but also a lifetime of collectibles from travels around the world or hobbies and interests. Cushiony deep leather seating for guests makes this a cozy nook.

Make sure the home office space feels cohesive to the rest of the house. All too often, a bedroom conversion gone wrong can leave you with a room that just doesn’t feel like it fits in. It should be easy to access, preferably with an exterior door to greet business visitors, and away from the hustle and bustle of the home. With a little patience, you can find the perfect home and space for your needs.