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Nothing is better than a fresh year to begin something.

For many guys, the start of 2022 will feature resolutions like exercising harder, eating more healthy or complaining less. But what if one of them was focusing more on skincare?

The makeup artist said, “Before the men didn’t really matter.” Geneva Nash Morgan told CelebHomes News. Men should exfoliate once per week and keep their skin healthy. Moisturizers are not for men, but they do need them.

According to MUAHS 2022 Lifetime Achievement Nominee Joy Zapata, she has already seen trends that prove men’s skincare is growing in popularity demand. CelebHomes News: “I think you’ll see a huge and massive boost in the sales of men’s products by 2022,” said CelebHomes News makeup artist. They are already available in beauty shops and barbershops, and this is where the trend starts.

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