Fox should bring back many of its shows that have been revived. 24.

Starring the hit TV series Kiefer Sunderrland, aired for eight seasons between 2001 and 2014 and had a television movie on Fox before taking its final bow in 2014. Fans want to know the reason behind this elusive spy program that starred Jack Bauer as counter-terrorist agent Jack Bauer. There’s been lots of talk about it since then. 

For the executive producer Jon CassarIt’s quite easy to understand why. Cassar stated, “They’ve been talking for years about it. It’s hard one.” Screenrant Aug. 4. Aug. 4.

He said, “Everything’s been thrown against the wall in an attempt to find something, but nobody has really created enough stories to make it work.”

It’s not just about coordinating your schedules. Cassar pointed out that Sutherland still acts and is pursuing a career in country music. He said, “He has other projects and then he has his touring. So that can be a difficult one to manage.” He’s often gone on European tours for several months so it’s complicated.