Oh, but to be a fly-on-the-wall at a dinner party with all these funny people!

Not only was comedy much needed this past year, but chances are the entertainers on this list helped aid those quarantine blues with some much needed comic relief. This year’s nominees for the 2021 People’s Choice Awards Comedy Act gave us just that!

Trevor Noah. Bo Burnham. John Mulaney. Phoebe Robinson. Hasan Minhaj. Ali Wong. Chelsea Handler Marlon WayansThese were the people who made us laugh out loud in a time where it was difficult to find the laughs.

Whether it was Mulaney poking fun at himself in his first post-rehab tour, Robinson exploring interracial dating during lockdown or Handler’s hypothetical coronavirus testing station out of her home, there is no topic that can’t be made a little bit funny. 

Check out all the stars who are being honored with a Comedy Act of 2021 nomination for the People’s Choice Awards below. We promise you will have a lot of laughs!