Nobody has ever lived a longer life than this. Drew Barrymore.

The fact that this iconic actress spent three seasons with Netflix’s comedy is a little bit poetic. Santa Clarita DietSheila Hammond is an undead Realtor who was only able to come back from a terrible accident that left her paralysed. Barrymore, if any actress can understand that idea, is it. 

With a career that started when she was still in diapers and, brief fallow periods aside, that has never really stopped, a family history that’s not without its struggles, a childhood that was anything but child-like, the actress-turned-daytime talk show host has been through it. And like her character Sheila, she’s miraculously managed to live through it all and come out, stronger, on the other side.

Although she was born to Hollywood royalty, she is a true legend because she represents what it means for a person to survive. Santa Clarita Diet may have been put out to pasture in 2019 by the streaming giant after three seasons, but Barrymore lives on, celebrating her 47th birthday Feb. 22.