19. An interview with Vulture, Thandie NewtonAlex declined her part, explaining that she felt uncomfortable following conversations with her. Amy PascalSony Pictures’ then head.

Newton explained that Newton is basically trying to recite stereotypes on how Black people can be convincing. She said everything and I thought, “Nah! I won’t do that.” “Yeah. But you are different,” she says. You’re different.’ Amy Pascal was the one who said it. It’s not surprising, it is. Let’s face the facts: It wasn’t a movie I did as a result.

20. Nia Long also addressed her issues with the casting process for the movie, alleging to Insider she was told she “too old” next to Barrymore and Diaz to be cast as Alex. Long is two years older than Liu.

I was thinking, “What?” Long took a deep breath. Drew Barrymore is a great actress. However, that comment was meant to show how much she loves Black women. Personally I believe that. You wouldn’t believe it if there was no brown skin. [actors]. You’re right, it would be the darkest part of the film.