Well these are not your typical TV dinners. 

While our favorite Thanksgiving episodes range from How I Met Your Mother You can find more information here Master of none, not every show features what Thanksgiving is really all about: the food. This year, we are most grateful for the beautiful and deliciously prepared vegetables, gravies, cranberry juices, and, of course, the pie. Pies are always the best, of course. 

Bob, or anyone else?H. Jon BenjaminFrom Bob’s Burgers Spends many weeks searching for the best turkey to stuff and cook on Thanksgiving. What other family is there, besides the Waldorfs? Gossip Girl White-glove Servers during a Family Holiday? 

Watching the Pearsons reconnect over their favourite meal is always a great way to fill our hearts. This Is UsWith the next generation trying to get the Pilgrim Jack hat, But, we’re equally as full watching Lorelai (Lauren GrahamRory (Alexis BledelYou are invited to attend four Thanksgivings.