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There is already a guide for petite girls. But don’t be discouraged tall ladies, there’s still a style guide. If you’re tall or have long limbs, you know the struggle of finding pants that fit perfectly, hitting your ankle at the correct place. We can all relate to the frustration of leaving our dressing rooms and calling out our mothers to complain because we don’t like what is happening. Getting styles tailored is great, but you can’t usually AddLength to fit. And is there anything worse than sweatpants or pajama pants that are too short and leave your ankles cold?

Luckily, brands like Spanx, Abercrombie & Fitch, and Madewell offer the trendiest pant silhouettes in size-inclusive, longer options. You will love your legs! You don’t need to do the hard work. Trending styles will fit your larger frame and look great on you. 

Scroll below for 16 trending denim, leather pant, and loungewear styles for tall girls.