Cause of death Pregnant and 16Star Jordan Cashmyer has been revealed over a month after her passing.

CelebHomes News has been informed that Jordan was intoxicated with fentanyl, and Jordan’s death is confirmed by the Office of Chief Medical Examiner at the Maryland Department of Health. It’s not known if the cause of death was intentional or accidental.

Jordan’s rep honored her life in a statement to CelebHomes News on Jan. 16.

It is truly a sad day. He shared that Jordan was sweet and kind. He shared, “Last time we spoke she was well and appeared to be in a great place mental and physical. “I wish that people could get to know her more than her difficulties.”

Last month, Jordan’s dad Dennis Cashmeyer Jr.A tribute was also shared on social networks. He said, “My youngest daughter Jordan, my beloved, has passed away. She was only 26.” We are so broken. A parent shouldn’t ever be forced to lose a child.