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It’s not about dating apps. This is all about good, old-fashioned courtship. You can find it here. Courtship a brand new Regency era dating show, premiering on NBC and Peacock today, and Bridgerton’s highly-anticipated season 2 releasing on March 25, it’s clear to us that March is officially courting season.

Ask us and we will be there for you. Who hasn’t dreamed of a Regency romance? Bridgerton showed us just how sweet (and steamy!) You’d be surprised at how sweet (and steamy!) it can be. Plus, thoughtful love letters beat a series of cutesy emojis any day.

In honor of these new March releases, we wanted to pay tribute to Jane Austen, whose work has inspired many of the Regency era love stories you’re enjoying today. Here are fifteen gifts for Jane Austen lovers.