The ’90s and ’00s were the best years for teens to feel more visible than ever before.

Many dramas, comedies and animated programs helped to shed light on the truth. It is reallyLike being a young adult in that moment. It’s been difficult to remember all the after-school hits over the years.

Recently, we were reminded just how much we loved The Next Generation: Degrassi when HBO Max announced that all 14 seasons were heading to the streamer on March 25. We’ll binge-watch the entire series no matter what.

But, while we wait for that release, we plan to revisit other coming-of-age gems that deserve a rewatch. Who else remembers Instant Star, the Canadian musical-comedy that starred Alexz Johnson Tim Rozon?

CelebHomes News was told by Rozon in July that while he is open to taped reunions, we are certain we would settle for the program to be available online.