However, Rogers and Santiago’s plans for a bright 10-episode long affair “fell apart” when they read the script for episode two, which featured—Spoiler alert!—a funeral for Mr. Big (Chris Noth). Rogers explained that they called it the “black events” to keep the storyline a mystery. “There was the explosion of color.”

The meta dialogue by Stanford made it a lot easier to navigate how to have Carrie in sorrow while still delivering fashion moments that fans want. Willie Garson() In episode where he states, “I am so proud of her. They will all be looking forward to her pulling together and showing us what she can do. We are so proud of her. Jackie Kennedy.”

Rogers stated, “I believe that line really lifted the moment.” The premiere was attended by a large audience. This helped to ease tension.

Carrie wore a little black vintage little dress with teacup sleeves, a V-neckline, and full lace skirt to the funeral. She paired the dress with a black clutch and pearl headpiece, as Bradshaw style, along with white caged leather shoes.  Rogers explained that “the big thing” in Rogers’ script is how she dressed up for Big. Rogers said, “She was not in shock. She was thinking about how to present herself at this event. We were then able to design it.”

Carrie is shocked when she visits Charlotte’s funeral home. Despite being the same colour, both women look completely different.

Rogers said that Charlotte was the put together, pretty girl in pink while Carrie was the anxious wreck wearing a large pink coat. “We didn’t alter it. It just made her look a bit curled up, and the clothes she wore were kind of boring because they weren’t fitting.

Parker was the key to Carrie’s sorrow.

Rogers said that she has the exact same jewelry as her recital jewelry. Sarah Jessica said that these little details were very important and asked, “What would I do? They would have been too much for me. These are the details she wanted us to keep track of.”