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Some people celebrate the holiday season by drinking red Starbucks cups on the first of November. But for us? Once goop’s holiday gift list drops, we can now listen to Mariah Carey singing “All I Want For Christmas Is You”. Today we are going to break out the garlands, grab our candy canes and empty our savings accounts!

Goop understands gift-giving. Among the many unique goods included in this year’s holiday gift guide, you can give the gift of a $37,000 playground, $1,895 Edie Parker rose quartz checkers, an $18,500 Hermès Birkin, a $1,300 rainbow chakra mat and many more gifts that will have you rethinking your standard of living.

If you don’t have the budget to surprise your sister with a Floating eco-Luxe Suite, there are plenty of practical gifts that can be bought at any price. You can give your loved ones chic vibrators, grounding mats, tech must haves, and game-changing beauty products.

Below is a list of products we would buy from goop’s holiday gift guide. Santa, if this is you, we’d love to have anything from the Ridiculous But Awesome section.