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Do you wish to see a change in your life over the next 12 month? Would you like a promotion? Would you like to own a house? Travel more? You might be looking to meet someone you love and can spend your days together. Regardless of what you want to see happen, manifesting the life you want this year is totally possible and we’ve found some products that can help. 

It is important that you understand the meaning of manifesting something. As Andi Eaton, soul strategist, manifestation teacher and host of the You Woo Woo BFF podcast, told CelebHomes News, “Manifestation is a daily practice of bringing the things you want to feel and experience into reality — we do this through our beliefs, emotions, and actions.”

To manifest the life you want in 2022, you need to create a vision, feel the emotions associated with that vision, and most importantly, take “inspired action” to bring that vision and the feelings associated with it to life.