Both good and bad news are available. The good news is there are hundreds of true-crime documentaries to enjoy—but that also happens to be the bad news.

Hulu and Netflix have enlisted documentarians, filmmakers, and producers to create compelling stories for their audiences over the years. Some documentaries can be merely interesting for their quirky characters, but that’s okay. Tiger KingHowever, others contributed to the ongoing investigation.

You can’t imagine what it would be without the HBO documentary. The JinxIt’s impossible to know if it is. Robert Durst You would have been convicted in the death of Susan Berman. While filming the miniseries, Durst, who died this January, famously muttered in a hot-mic moment, “You’re caught! How the heck did I get away with it? They were all killed, naturally.” 

The footage was not used in Durst’s trial, but it did bring back interest in Berman’s murder which Durst pleaded guilty to in September.