Some of you may or may not know of Zac Efron’s whereabouts last year. But, that was last year. Zac…….is back! He’s healthy than ever. You can see for yourself in his and Seth Rogen’s upcoming comedy, Neighbors. Don’t be alarmed if you see Zac with a crack pipe or a beer in his hand. It’s just his character. Efron’s currently involved in a Robot Chicken movie, which will contain a fairly solid cast, Seth Green, of course, being part of such. Meanwhile, Zac has his post-welcome-back house in Los Angeles on the market, and he wants $2.849 million.

The estate on Woodrow Wilson Dr. was built in 1947 and measures 2,424 sq ft, with a fair floor plan of 2 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. You won’t be fooled by these stats though for the asking price. Whoever buys into these premises will receive two lane attached garage, furnished kitchen w/ high-end appliances, large swimming pool, stylized outdoor and indoor lounges…..This home is a perfect example of what a clean bachelor pad should be.

Address: 7861 Woodrow Wilson Dr, Los Angeles CA 90046