Allow us to state the obvious: Grief freakin’ stinks.

Nobody can prepare you for how it will sneak up on you and crash down like a tsunami. One minute, you’re simply minding your own business and then the next, you’re suddenly drowning, calling out for a rescue squad.

But perhaps, there’s a more uplifting way of looking at it. Perhaps, grief itself is the life raft keeping us afloat as we find ways to honor our person. That’s the outlook Andrew Garfield has learned to embrace following the death of his mom Lynn.

He shared his thoughts on Nov. 22’s episode of “The Voice.” The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. This is the unspoken love and the sorrow that we will never forget. We can’t get enough time to spend with our loved ones, regardless of whether they live until age 60, 15, 99, or beyond. This is why I want this grief to stay with me. It’s the unspoken love I never got to share. She heard me every day. She was always the best.