Ray JIt is currently Brandy‘s no. 1 fan.

On July 5, the “One Wish” singer showed off a massive leg tattoo of his older sister’s face done by tattoo artist Mashkow

“TATOO BY THE GREATEST!! he captioned an Instagram video, which was set to “Best Friend,” Brandy’s 1995 single. “IM GETTING MY WHOLE LEG TATTED WITH- MUSIC- LOVE – SCRIPTURES – THE VOCAL BIBLE – FAMILY – GHOSTS – POSITIVE WORDS AND THEMES – REAL GOTHIC LIKE — ‘THE HOLY LEG!’ GONNA GO TO MINUTCelebHomes It was a great experience! STAY TUNED!! – FULL LEG TATT — I had to start with my best friend!!”

The new ink featured the “Boy Is Mine” singer’s face with the words “Best Friends 4 Ever” written across her forehead and cheeks. It also included glowing pink eyes, the word “Mash” on one of her eyelids, and the message “From Ray With Love” along one of the image’s jawlines.