Thanks to you, Netflix has a plot hole. Senior Year.

After the debut on May 13, the comedy film stars Rebel WilsonOne of the dance moves in the movie was a mistake that fans pointed out on social media. However Kelly ClarksonIt plays “A Moment Like This” during the cheerleading number. This song was released in May 2002.

One person stated that “A Moment Like This” was not released until September 2002. wroteOn Twitter. One other person shared a similar opinion, calling it a “blatant mistake.” Despite the fact that a different fanThey called out the “clear anachronism” in the film and dubbed Senior YearIt’s a “nice guilty pleasure”.

Others weren’t as bothered, though. A fan was one example. asked for the remix featuring “A Moment Like This,” writing, “I NEED IT NOW. Please help!

Is it true that what doesn’t kill you can make you more powerful?

For those that haven’t yet listened, Senior Year follows former popular girl Stephanie “Steph” Conway (Wilson) as she wakes up from a 20-year coma after a failed cheerleading stunt. You can find plenty of references to early 2000s fashions here, such as pink tracksuits with chunky jewellery and low-rise denim.