Living in a 11,622 sq ft home can provide a great sense of reward and well-being for any celebrity. They worked hard, have put up with paparazzi dozens of times (and probably continue to do so), and may have cancer. Desperate housewife, Yolanda Foster, is managing in her iife while being diagnosed with lyme disease,. She eventually got surgery done on her arm. Despite the war against the disease, Yolanda’s still reeling in dough. She’s looking to reel in even more dough with husband/world renown musician David Foster through their 2009 Malibu estate. And we’re talkin’ $27.5 million worth of dough.

House sits on 3.25 acres and has three floors, 6 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, a paradise backyard, serene detached backyard patio, swimming pool, game room, spacious theater room, spacious furnished kitchen, prestigious library nook, walk-in closet that can be mistaken for a bedroom, fitness room, fireplaces, and other goodies. In short, the Foster expanse on Carbon Canyon Rd is a custom-made piece of high-endedness that easily speaks to the wealthy who prefer isolation and awe-inspiring oceanside views.

Address: 3905 Carbon Canyon Rd, Malibu CA 90265