Naomi JuddThrough the years, a legacy from’s life will be preserved. Wynonna Judd‘s voice.

Wynonna posted an Instagram photo on May 24 and reaffirmed the promise she made to her mother that she would continue to sing after her mom’s passing. Wynonna also shared a link with a new collaborator. Waxahatchee.

Wynonna wrote that “In the middle of everything has happened, i said that I would keep singing.” “So here I am.”

Wynonna said that her new track blossomed following her meeting Katie CrutchfieldWaxahatchee was founded by a solo singer,.

She wrote, “I met @waxa_katie last summer and we connected instantly.” “We recorded ‘Other Side’ in the studio here on the farm and it was one of my favorite recording experiences ever. It was a privilege to be able to share my voice with this next generation of talent.

It comes almost one month after Wynonna, Wynonna’s older sister. Ashley JuddThey shared with us the sad news that their mother died at the tender age of 76.