While a couple of detectives remained on the case, the Zodiac wouldn’t write to the Chronicle He promised again, until January 30, 1974. “If I don’t see this note on your paper, then I will do something horrible, which you know that I am capable of.”

The slightest chance that any message would hold a clue as to his identity or whereabouts proved too alluring to ignore, but his sign-off—”Me-37 SFPD-0″ was also a chilling reminder that they didn’t It is really Know that he hadn’tNumerous victims were also killed.

By 1976, the bowtie-and-suspenders-wearing Dave Toschi, who came onboard the investigation when Stine was killed, remained the only San Francisco detective still technically on the case—but was removed in 1978 when he admitted to sending a few letters to newspapers using a fake name to praise his work. He acknowledged it was “a foolish decision to make.” (He denied ever writing a letter purported to be from the Zodiac.)

A letter was sent to the Secretary of State on April 24, 1978. ChronicleI said, “This Zodiac speaking is I back with you…That city-pig toschi was good but I’m smarter and more intelligent he will eventually get tired and leave me alone. A good film about me is what I’m waiting for. I need a role model. Now I have complete control over all matters.”

Toschi was 86 when he died. Toschi admitted to having been in the LA TimesAt one time, it was mostly anger. I was so exhausted by that case. Graysmith was right. He believed Allen was the man for them.