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These are A lot There are too many Princess Diana fashion moments to count but in honor of Princess Diana’s birthday, let’s reminisce  some of her best looks. Her wedding dress was breathtaking. There’s also the “revenge gown” that she wore after her divorce. Prince Charles. She even wore the clothes she wore to give birth to her children. Prince WilliamAnd Prince HarryShe became an instant icon. Her casual clothes made an impression.

Many people remember the Virgin Atlantic sweatshirt she wore in the 1990s when she was en route her gym for a workout. She wore the same sweatshirt. Many times. She liked the look, but she was more strategic about it. In an effort to lower the paparazzi’s value, she deliberately repeated the look. 

During a 2018 episode of Yahoo’s The Royal Box, Princess Diana’s trainer Jenni Rivett recalled, “I remember one of her strategies was that she was going to wear the same Virgin sweatshirt every single session.” The world wasn’t as fascinated by Diana but the plan she devised was quite clever. Ironically, she actually managed to get another iconic look in an attempt to distract from all of the attention.

It is hard to believe that the Virgin Atlantic sweatshirt will become so popular. However, Princess Diana was a major influence on this trend. You can still sport a smile even if the paparazzi are watching. Thank you similar sweatshirt as the late royal.