Love IslandIs getting a lot of hate. 

According to the BBC, 781 viewers have complained about the U.K.’s version of this steamy dating program since it premiered on June 6. Variety

However Love Island is notorious for its hook-ups and addictive drama, most of the complaints, made to media regular Ofcom, have leaned in a more serious direction.

Variety stated that viewers are concerned about bullying and Ofcom reported that contestants were “well-being and mentally healthy” and “constantly getting less screen time than other contestants, and there is a wide age gap among the contestants in the dating program.

Particularly, the 19-year olds are given too much screen time. Gemma OwenA daughter of an England soccer legend Michael Owen, with one viewer tweetingGemma has been given too much screen time, so Michael Owen should co-produce this show.”

The 19-year old, who also competes in horseback riding, was paired up with a 27-yearold Davide SanclimentiThe eight-year age gap caused some viewers to lose interest in the program.