CelebHomes – I have noticed many celebs in your clothes. That’s how does it feel.
AK: Jenna FischerActually, she posted on Instagram wearing my sweatshirt, which is insane. Lindsay PriceShe had also sent a couple of sweatshirts from the AAPI campaign to some friends. It was also posted by them on Instagram. Lana CondorShe wore one shirt on her Instagram Story. Janette OKThe brand was featured on the TikTok of her. These things are amazing and it’s so unbelievable to not have expected them. I’m so thankful.

CelebHomes: Before starting your brand, what problems did you encounter while shopping and how did you address those when you created your own pieces?
AK: My frame is small-medium. My shopping trips were a time when I tried on clothing that fit me. However, my chest is double-dipped so I always popped out. So whether it’s pulling across my chest, buttons popping open, or just by my mid midsection, fabric would hang and makes me look bigger. My chest size would need to be adjusted. Professionally, my clothing fit was a problem. It was impossible for me to button blazers so I needed them tailored.

For women who have a bigger chest, I created a line to fit their body. The fit of the pieces was adjusted by me. The chest is now much larger and the armpits are more open. You can see the pieces at your waist.

What I believe is what makes me different is my pattern. Each size is unique and I create a pattern for it, from XS up to 3X.