At long last, a Drag RaceMystery solved.

Jinkx MonsoonThe instantly-legendary Snatch Game performance by Judy Garland RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 7, she started one of her answers by calling RuPaul “Broom.” It got a laugh out of everybody—but it didn’t really make any sense. 

Until now!

Alaska [Thunderf–k]We were doing constant impressions of Alyssa Edwards‘ [Snatch Game]Impersonation Katy PerryJinkx explained this to Vulture. The Best podcast Aug. 25. “Alyssa’s voice is very unique and her attempt to portray Katy Perry with it was even more Alyssa-like than Alyssa usually talks.”

OK, we’re getting close.

We joked that Ru asked Alyssa if she had ever kissed any girl, just like Katy Perry. Alyssa responded, “Ru, never!” [it became]Bru and then it devolved to ‘Broom neber’,” Jinkx stated. “So when Ru was called ‘Broom’, it was pretty much the only Easter egg that I had, basically just for Alaska.”

Just like that. Drag RaceThe history of the world was written.