According to Cardi B, this Berry looked good enough to eat.  

Ahead of the release of her upcoming Netflix film Bruised on Wednesday, Nov. 24, Halle Berry invited Cardi B to play a new series on her Instagram called “5 Rounds.”

Inspired by the film—which tells the story of a disgraced MMA fighter named Jackie Justice, played by Berry, who decides to start fighting again years after leaving the sport—the game involved rapidly asking each other hilarious and increasingly personal questions that ranged from their biggest purchases to their favorite sex positions.

“I’m still crying at this,” Berry tweeted About the Nov. 11 game To sum it all, she also posted a segment of their game and added an emoticon to cry.  

Berry posted Berry’s online post shortly after Berry. The “Up” rapper was soon there retweeted itshe shared her experience of meeting with them Catwoman In real life, actress