Will, who was then expelled from the Academy, stated that there is “no part of my brain that thinks this’s the ideal way to manage a feeling or disrespect” and that Chris chose to go after him, noting that Jada “had nothing to do.”

He said, “I’m sorry babe.” “I want to say sorry to all my children and my family for the heat I caused.”

After once more apologizing to his fellow nominees, specifically QuestloveWill addressed all fans who were disappointed by Chris’s Oscar presentation.

The central trauma of my life is disapointing people. The pursuit of happinessStar wrote. “It hurts when people are disappointed in me. This hurts. It is hurtful to me psychologically as well as emotionally knowing that I failed to live up the people’s expectations.

And he said that he’s “deeply dedicated and committed to putting love, light and joy in the world.”