Her social media accounts sound like AdeleThe team of’s did not make it easy for her. 

YouTube star during an appearance NikkieTutorialsThe Grammy Winner in the Power of Makeup Series, she spoke about many topics while she was a model for this influential makeup artist. She also revealed that she didn’t know how to access her social media accounts. 

“I was never allowed my passwords for my socials before,” the “Hello” singer revealed to the beauty influencer, whose name is Nikkie de Jager. Evidently, her team worried about her being drunk or irritating as she shared her thoughts. However, that changed when Adele got her log-in info during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Her memory was that “Obviously, the internet was just on flame during Covid.” It helped everyone stay motivated.

Adele lost her social media rights after one photo was posted. She told de Jager that it was the first picture she had ever uploaded, and then my password was taken away.