It is Zach Roloff Holding grudges about the farm is not a good idea. E-I-E-I-NO. 

During this season of Little People Big World, Zach made an offer to purchase the north side, a.k.a his mom AmyRoloff farms, on his father’s side. It led to intensive negotiations between Zach’s father and Zach. MattZach said that Matt had made excuses and reasons for his actions. [he and his wife Tori are] not good enough to run the farm.”

In an CelebHomes News exclusive interview, though, Zach revealed that he and his father have made up.

He said, “It’s all great.” “We’re all family.”

Zach is regretting the social media battle between Zach and Matt that they had earlier fought.

“It was a mistake to post it on social networking, but I think that I made my points pretty clearly,” he said. He added that Tori and him “are moving on.”

And moving up—north, that is.

We moved to Battleground Washington about 45 minutes from our previous home. [in Oregon]. In the interview Zach stated that they are making a new life here and that Tori has found “a good school for Jackson”. [and]This is a truly amazing property.”