Juggling your time from career, social obligations, family, and keeping your home clean is a sure challenge. Your time is valuable and seeking an extra hand to help with household chores is a great decision. While there are tons of professional cleaning services out there, is it worth it, and what should you expect if you have one? 

Professional home cleaners are generally scheduled to provide a detailed clean of your house weekly, bi-weekly, or as you’ve agreed. That way, you can work on other priorities without compromising the overall well-being of your home. With the help of a cleaner, you can focus on learning new skills, hobbies, or growing your business. 

What Should You Expect From Hiring A Cleaner

For most homeowners who’ve never tried hiring professional cleaning services, there are so many questions in your mind right now. Like what would be their cleaning schedule? Will they focus on cleaning the living room, or are bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, or laundry included? Will they clean the garage too? 

The quick answer to that would be based on what services you book for. You can have full detail of the cleaning services if you go here and the inclusions based on your requirements or the kind of service you prefer. It will help you understand your cleaner’s schedule and responsibilities when it’s time for them to clean your house, including the what-not in the service.  

As a homeowner, you need to double-check the inclusions before committing to the services offered. You can check with an agency or a cleaner to confirm service inclusions. 

Typically, standard cleaning services include making the beds, mopping floors, cleaning the kitchen and bathroom, surface dusting, and vacuuming around the house. For thorough cleaning, you can check with the cleaner a deep-clean service. A deep cleaning type of service includes extra attention to kitchen appliances, bathroom tiles, and wastebaskets. 

To give you a thorough overview of the difference between general cleaning and deep cleaning (detailed), check the comparison below: 

Standard Cleaning

  • Cleaners dust the whole surface, including picture frames, furnitures, and commonly used spaces
  • Bathroom tiles disinfectants and cleaning, wiping clean of baseboards, and mirrors
  • Generally dusts and wipes clean the kitchen area, tables, and chairs
  • Moped and vacuum kitchen floors
  • All mirrors are cleaned
  • Wipes the exterior range hood
  • Microwave exterior is wiped down and clean

Detailed Cleaning

  • Full dusting even with hard-to-reach-areas and all corners
  • Scale removal buildup from kitchen tiles, bathroom tiles, and showerheads
  • Cuts through all grime buildup beneath appliances in the kitchen
  • A thorough cleaning from inside the range hood and oven
  • Spot-clean doors to eliminate fingerprints
  • Furniture and upholstery vacuumed
  • Wipes down lamp shades
  • Thoroughly cleans underneath the sink area
  • Dusting of intricate items, front cabinets are wiped clean and vacuuming of carpet edges
  • Washing of all blinds

While it’s completely impossible to have an excellent result on the first scheduled cleaning, it somehow allows your property to breathe, smell, and look cleaner than before. To achieve the optimum result that you wanted depends on the frequency of cleaning or how your house was cleaned. 

The best way to achieve your expected clean is to be precise with your request and specific needs. Providing complete instructions allows your house to transform, but it helps cleaners focus on what needs to be done inside your property. While it takes about two or three hours (varying on your appointment), cleaners stay and clean your house to ensure you are well served and happy with their service. 

Is It Worth Hiring A House Cleaner

Hiring a cleaner to help put things back in order in your home is worth it, especially for families that both parents have to work. Those who can afford to hire a cleaner do, which gives them the freedom to focus on other essential things, like taking care of children, business, or careers. 

Hiring a second hand to do household chores on your behalf is better than juggling your life and not finding enough time to relax or rest after a whole week of hard work. Your expectations of a squeaky clean house will vary on the type of service you have scheduled. 

If you hire a cleaner, your expectations are based on the type of appointment and cleaning services you’ve asked for.

  • Don’t expect a house cleaner to redecorate your property instantly. It takes several cleaning sessions for your home to adjust and achieve your desired clean. However, your house will feel and look cleaner after every service.
  • Be clear and provide complete instructions on what you want and need when hiring a cleaner.
  • A cleaner cleans your home as you wanted or upon scheduled service, but it can be a waste of time if the hired help will tidy up a week or two of mess like clothes, toys, books, or magazines scattered all over the place. 
  • It helps to tidy up your place from time to time, so there is no wasted time with chores that are not part of the services you’ve asked for. 


A house cleaner provides help for anyone who needs it. Providing your expected type of clean with detailed directions allows cleaners to focus on your request and provide the best service suitable for your preference. Hiring house cleaners is now a basic necessity, and finding a reliable one is a gold gem in your life.