Up to 80 percent of homeowners use a real estate agent to sell a property.

But, not all real estate agents are the same. There are many amazing realtors who can sell a property within a couple of days.

Unfortunately, there are other estate agents who are constantly dragging their feet. They can never make a sale even if their life depends on it.

But, what really makes a good real estate agent? Discover the answer to this question in the blog post below. 

1. Knowledge of the Area

Knowledge of the surrounding neighborhoods is essential if you want to become an outstanding real estate agent. 

How can you quickly judge how to sell a property if you don’t know the reputation of the local schools or the nearest park. It’s also important to know the real estate developers that are bringing projects in the area. If you’re a real estate agent in Canada, for instance, you should be able to identify the projects made by popular developers like Mattamy Homes and Daniels.

Over time, real estate agents develop experience in the local area. This allows them to effectively sell homes in the area. 

2. Extremely Organized 

The real estate world can be chaotic. You can’t possibly sell homes if you have everything in disorderly.

Great real estate agents are always on top of everything. They know about the property because they have already done their homework.

When a client gets in touch, they immediately answer the telephone. If they can’t answer at that moment, they return their call promptly. 

3. A Solid Network of Contacts

In the real estate game, it’s who you know as much as what you know. Good real estate agents have a long list of potential buyers for a property.

They know property developers who are always keen to buy and flip houses. They’re in touch with families eager for a move to a new home.

If a property needs some home improvements before it can be sold, then they have the essential contacts with plumbers, builders and more to achieve results. 

4. Charming and Friendly

Real estate agents have to be able to communicate with anyone. Charming prospective buyers can really make a difference in making a sale or not.

The agent isn’t just showing the buyer around. They’re selling the property so promoting it effectively can make an impact.

5. Up to Date With Technology

The real estate business is always changing. Now there are 3D technology experiences and emerging apps that are transforming how people buy and sell homes.

If the agent can’t keep up with these changes, they’ll be left behind quickly. Realtors have to compete against each other as well. You can discover this simple way to compare realtors yourself. 

6. Hard Work and Determination

Selling a property isn’t always easy. Agents have ups and downs all the time. But, they need to be able to display hard work and determination to keep plugging away.

Every time they promote a new property on the market, the agent should be able to work to sell it just as they did the last one.

Good Real Estate Agents 

There are bad real estate agents and there are good ones. Can you say that your a good real estate agent? 

Follow the above characteristics to ensure that you can effectively compete against everyone else in this fiercely competitive market. 

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