It turned out Emma was lying when Anna said that Emma’s chicken casserole wasn’t delicious.

Tom Riley said the 9-year-old The Woman across the street from the Girl at the Window is the Woman in the House actress was actually pretty keen on the stuff, joking to CelebHomes News, “In the first episode where we’re having dinner at Anna’s house, Samsara [Yett], who plays Emma my daughter, ate bowl upon bowl upon bowl of it.”

According to Tom, Samsara was eating the dish whenever she could get her hands on it, even after the director yelled cut. “She had it in her pockets for the ride home. It was a treasure she loved.

Kristen BellAnna in’s movie was more interested than the wine, although those glasses weren’t filled with any alcohol. “I didn’t slip in anything real,” Kristen said with a straight face, “because I was already coming to work pretty drunk.”

She was actually sipping hibiscus, after realizing that grape juice is not the ideal drink for long periods of time on set. It was grape juice on the first day. She explained, “And I put the kibosh right fast because I was having a sugar crash after I had seen the first scene.”