Apparently, online dating has gotten so bleak that Regina Hall used the Oscars stage to shoot Her shot with some of Hollywood’s leading men.

While hosting the 2022 Oscars on March 27, Regina delivered a hilarious bit by recruiting our crushes—her, they’re her crushes—to join her on stage so she could “swab” their mouths with her own tongue. Yes, she actually proposed it.

It Girl Trip star, 51, first dropped the hint that she was “single” at the start of the show. She later announced that some of the attendees’ COVID-19 tests had gotten lost, and she needed a few select guests to come up for another test. They just so happened to be some of the most eligible bachelors. 

“Unfortunately, some of the test results have gotten lost,” Regina shared. It is possible to conduct some backstage emergency testing. Don’t worry. There are only a handful of people affected. It’s totally random.”

She took out a list, which she then read aloud. Bradley Cooper, Timothée Chalamet, Tyler Perry And Simu Liu, The Academy audience will have a lot of fun with it.