Now is the time for you to get ready.

Netflix has just released the following news: The Times Square Killer is a crime scene Streaming will begin Dec. 29,

December 29, 2009, the team behind The Cecil Hotel: The Vanishing Crime SceneSeason two of Filmmaker is available on streaming. Filmmaker Joe BerlingerThis documentary will focus on the evils of Times Square, New York City’s most dangerous neighborhood. One man was able to do unthinkable things in this shady environment.

Earlier this year, the Oscar-nominated and Emmy Award–winning documentary maker’s wildly popular Crime SceneTo find out more about Elisa Lam (Canadian student)’s disappearance at a Los Angeles hotel, 45 million homes tuned in.

This is the second time, according to the new Netflix teaser on TwitterThe eerie sounds of music drift through Times Square’s bright lights.