It’s another shocking episode of the Maury Show, The next guest to be invited is…Lil Nas XWhat is the best way to get started?

Yes! This is right! Yai ArizaIt is. The teaser trailer for the movie is 40 seconds long. There’s a lot of drama.

He said that he had found his love in Montero. Maury Pvich says in the trailer, “but was shocked to discover Yai was married.”

The clip then shows Lil Nas X, whose real name is Montero HillHe then sat down next to a woman that he believed was Yai’s bride and said, “Me, Yai, have been together for approximately a month and half.” He is called a “liar” by her.

Maury also reveals that the woman has a 4-year-old child and asks, “Is Yai the dad?”

However, that’s just the beginning. In addition to a shocking trailer, there’s also a video of a proposed, smashed bouquets and a paternity check. It looks like the fans will need to just tune in to witness everything. Yai responded to the video, republishing it on Instagram with a pair of laughing and eye emojis.