Ashton Kutcher Just spilled some Tea booze about Mila Kunis.

On Monday, Jan. 31, the 43-year-old actor shared a humorous video of his wife prematurely celebrating the end of Dry January, jokingly calling her out for having a cocktail before the last day of the month is over. Ashton, who is a strict follower of the rules, noted at the start of the 44 second clip that it was still Dry January.

It Punk’d host went on to explain that he and Mila, 38, had made a goal to not have alcohol in January, before panning the camera over to reveal the Bad momsThe actress enjoying a drink in their home. He said that he believed she was breaking Dry Jan right now.

“What’s your job?” Ashton next asked Mila. She sheepishly laughed and replied, “Nothing.”

The following are the Two-and-a-half Men alum pressed further, asking Mila what she was doing by the bar, she caved and confessed, “I’m making a cocktail.”