Your plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems have always controlled your home. Thus, they should be the base components to integrate into a new “smart home.”

We’ve used the same home systems for a long time now. But in the past decade, technology has started changing things.

The smart home market is bigger than it has ever been. The market is growing by 34% every year.

But is investing in smart products really worth the effort? This post will show you a few of the products available and how they will help you manage your home. Keep reading to learn what they are.

1. Water Sensors

You don’t have to live in a flood zone to be at risk of your home flooding. Your plumbing system isn’t immune to failing. If you miss water leaks when they happen, you’ll end up with a flooded home and a lot of damaged furniture.

WiFi water sensors will monitor your ground level. When it detects too much water, you’ll get a notification on your phone to tell you something is wrong.

2. Smart Speaker

Do you want to get your phone out, unlock it, and open an app every time you want to control your smart home? Smart devices are there to make your life easier, not make you jump through hoops.

A smart speaker will solve this problem. Whenever you want to manage one of your devices, all you need to do is talk to your speaker. It will handle the rest.

3. WiFi Thermostat

Your HVAC system controls the temperature of your home. The problem is, old thermostat systems don’t give you much control. You have to get up and manually set the temperature whenever you want to change it.

With WiFi programmable thermostats, you can tell your home to go to certain temperatures on a pre-set schedule. It’s even better if you have programmable regions of your home. You can spend less electricity on areas of your home that you don’t spend much time in.

4. Smart Lights

Lighting is the cornerstone of any home. But for a long time, we’ve been stuck on fluorescent bulbs. The good news is LED lighting has changed the game.

You can now use programmable LED lights to brighten your home. You can use sensors to have your lights automatically turn on when you enter rooms and program them to turn on and off at certain times. Not only that, they’ll save you money on your electric bill.

5. Smart Plugs

Have you ever wondered if you left an appliance on after you left your house? Every device you leave on uses power and is a potential fire hazard.

With smart plugs, you can turn things off when you aren’t around. Set your plugs to turn off at certain times with your smartphone. This way, you won’t have anything draining power from your home that doesn’t need to be.

Try These Home Systems for Your Smart Home

It takes a lot to run a household. Try these home systems today so you can make your life easier. Smart devices aren’t hard to install anymore, so you shouldn’t have any issues in getting them set up.

Do you want to learn more about how you can improve your home? Head back to our blog to see the other improvements you can make.